10 Crucial Parenting Tips to Help Raise Good Kids

We all are guilty of having certain bad habits that we acquire from our parents, and they had acquired from theirs. But when we grow up we have to make a very important decision, either bid adieu to those habits to let our children go through the hell because of them. I hate people telling me their kids were saints and society spoiled them! Keep in minds, the behaviour of your children is a by-product of your actions. You cannot expect a happy child if you pull up a grumpy face for most of your day. Kids deserve to be treated with respect just like us. Here are some of the tips that would help you being a good parent and enjoy the parenthood:

1. If you are having bad day at least try not to ruin your child’s day. In fact talk to him, make the most out of it. Take him to the park and don’t burden him with your issues.

2.  Try to have peace at home as much as you can: I have seen men and women shouting like ignorant people in their houses, they love violence, they like to create issues, raise hell. It’s because they have so much of negative energy in their bodies. They don’t know how to control their temper and they think shouting makes life better. It’s actually making it bitter! If you don’t want to raise an emotionally damaged and under confident child, make peace at your home. Whenever you are around your kids, speak kindly, choose words wisely! Kids can forget everything from their childhood but they will learn a lot of skills from their parents such as abuse of relationship or love! It is up to you, what you want them to learn. Because when they grow up you will be among the people they use all those skills on.

3. Creating happy childhood memories: If you are a working parent and you are free on weekends, make most of those days. Spend time with them, tell them you love them throughout the day. Make them feel special and happy!

4. Do not make deals with kids: I have seen kids who value gifts more than people! Most of the parents make deals with their kids such as if you did this, you will get this! Like seriously guys? Giving a gift is good. But don’t teach them the wrong values. Tell them the importance of doing those things. Teach them why homework is important, why we want them to share their things etc. If you start associating gifts with good deeds, they will always do good to expect something in return. Children are selfless and pure, let them be like this.

5. Never substitute presence with presents: If you couldn’t keep your promise of hanging out with your little one, may be because you were tired or busy at work, no need to buy him a gift! If you do, play with them. If you let them play alone and you are teaching them that they should rather be attached to those things than you.  It is very important to let them look forward to seeing you. Don’t let them create a happy moment without you. Be a part of their lives, as much as they are a part of yours. Gifts and material things cannot take your place.

6. Don’t talk about bills and financial issues in front of kids: Kids are innocent, the only thing they should worry about is getting back home with shoes full of mud! Don’t drag them in your issues, financials and other problems. Let them enjoy their childhood. Teach them good values, like how to save money, raising funds for lesser privileged or helping a friend with homework.

7. Keep an eye on your child’s friends: be friends with your children. Play with them like friends do, stay involved in their activities. Do not leave them with anyone alone if you don’t know them properly. Take interest in what he likes to play so he doesn’t feel like you are being just a parent!


8. Remind them how much they mean to you: Its human nature to expect love. Your child loves to hear how much he mean to you. Even if he is just a small baby, if you smile and tell him how beautiful he/she is, and how much you love them, they will smile. It is not just the words, but the body language too.

9. Do Not pose unnecessary restrictions: How often do you tell your child to leave his toys and sit quietly? And why? Is this because you need some quiet time? If you keep on imposing unnecessary restrictions on a child for your peace, it is harming your relationship with them! If you have a headache, make them sit with you, look into their eyes, tell them daddy is not feeling well and daddy needs some rest! Tell them that sitting next to them makes you feel so much better, they will understand… They might even give you a massage with their tiny hands. <3

10. The only language a child understands is love: if a child questions you, do you even love me? He is questioning your love! Do not ignore this question.  assess your personality quickly, is there anything that is giving your child a bad impression of yours. If you are harsh, have a short temper and have problem communicating your feelings to your child, they will start thinking negative. Teach your children the language of love, teach them kindness by showing them! I see most people love to lecture their kids all the day about how they should behave, etc. kids hate lectures. They would learn what you show them. They will follow your footsteps. Be good parent, a peace maker.

I hope all these tips will help you raise happy and healthy kids. Write to us and enlighten us about your parenting methods, we would love to read.