Gobustan Volcano and Museum – Baku

on our third day in Baku, we went to Mud Volcanoes which are on the outskirts of the city in Gobustan. The volcanoes are called Gobustan Mud Volcanoes but our chauffeur called them Volcana! It sounded so funny.

Anyways, here I’m recommending this guy to you all again. He speaks perfect English! His name is Ali Akbar
Contact number :+994552680005
If you wish to go outside the city then he’s the tour guide you need! He knows everything and he charges reasonably. But don’t hire him or any taxi for Baku city tours, or within city travelling. Use an Uber instead.
The drive to Mud Volcanoes was more than an hour long and that’s not a place where you can have a picnic. When we reached there Volcanoes were erupting with mud! Such a wonder to see Mud oozing out of those baby Volcanoes.

Within ten minutes sand storm started and made it difficult for us to stay for long. Sand storms are a normal part of the day so if you go there you will have maximum 20minutes to stay! We always take extra clothes for Ahsan when we go out, but for mud volcano you need a proper bag! Here’s what you need:
1. Water bottles to wash the mud away
2. wet wipes to wipe face
3. a towel
4. pair of extra shoes
5. plastic bags to put all the dirty shoes socks etc.
6. extra clothes for baby
7. Food items for the baby
8. extra clothes or yourself if you wish to swim in the volcano ?
9. Do not wear anything with a flair or you will have your own Marilyn Monroe moment!
Once you watch the Volcanoes you must visit the Gobustan carved Rocks!

They date back to centuries and they are enormous ! The writings are still preserved and the trail is very safe, well managed, and clean! The weather was beautiful in the beginning of August! I guess that’s how the summers are there. It’s hard to stay indoor when the weather is windy! ??

We took lots of pictures there and a tourist offered to take our pictures for us!
We also visited the Gobustan museum which was small but interactive. It’s easy to keep kids entertained as they have some touch pads with quizzes for kids. The staff was your sweet. Baku is flooding with sweetness!

Oh btw if you need to go wee wee, the rest rooms are a little far from museum and deserted. I went alone and being chicken-hearted, i wished I took Ahsan along.
They don’t have any restroom within the museum building.
Anyways. The museum was stunning! You will find stuffed animals and birds there as well.
These three places are close so it will take a half day trip to all of these places. Morning is the preferred time. Try going early morning, we leaves our hotel at 9 in the morning and came back around 2pm, are lunch and did some shopping and then back to hotel for some nap!
Oops I don’t have a picture of me napping, probably because I never took a nap! that too because taimoor used to sleep and Ahsan wouldn’t sleep so I had to stay up. And then in evening we would go out again!