Colour Correction Cheats

Over the years, the drag queens have been using color corrector and techniques that we never knew of. The cat is out of the bag now since the merchandise is flooded with makeup brands and formulas that make us look flawless. The secret is definitely the technique.

Amidst the trends of beauty blenders and makeup brushes and silicon pads we need to figure out what works best with what !

Even if we own the best makeup palettes the technique does differentiate an amateur from a professional. Worry not, you don’t need year long beauty courses to become a pro. You can learn it all from bloggers, thanks to ever evolving social media hemisphere.

  1. If you are blessed with a flawless skin with no pigmentation, scars and dark circles to hide then you may just close the blog and relax !
    And if you have any skin imperfections to hide then color corrector is all you need to flaunt a flawless look! Now, with so many shades of corrector in the market, which one should we buy? Well, it depends on what you are hiding. The correction formula is a beautiful science, based on the color wheel that our arts teachers made us paint ten times before accepting! Exactly!

Here are the correction charts that would help you decide yours !