Dear Moms of Sons!


Dear Moms of sons,

Remember the day he was born, you couldn’t take your eyes off him for a moment! he was your star. You always wanted a boy, because society reminds you that giving birth to a boy strengthens your position and guarantees you more respect in your susraal. You also love him more because opposite attracts, you see the glimpse of your husband in him!  But you also see yourself in him, even if he’s a boy, he might look like your husband but he surely carries your genes.

We know how much you enjoy his attention, how much you enjoy bragging about how good of a mother you are, because he loves you and hates all the other women! Well, just ask yourself this question are you raising a good man or just a good son? or may be you are raising both or may be none!

We just want to tell you that you are not just mothering a man but an entire upcoming generation! Raise a good man, not just a good son. When we girls get married we expect a husband who is unbiased and wise. We do not expect a mama’s boy and also we do not expect a man who hates his own mother and treats every women with disrespect. When he is still in your lap, you have the power to save the entire generation from a relationship crisis. You can either raise a gentleman or an abusive / saddist man. The choice is yours. You might have had a perfect marriage with a husband who cared about you because you think, you deserved it! No, you didn’t deserve it, he was just raised in the hands of a good woman. he would treat any other woman respectfully. Don’t think that your daughter in law is any less than you because your child doesn’t respect her. Your child is your mirror. He will behave the way he had been taught, he will behave like you. it’s high time you decide whether to be a Queen or an oppressor. We hope you are aware that only Queen creates the legacies.

The society is desperately waiting for time, when women will be happy for other women! When a mother in law will stop planting all negative thoughts in her son regarding the daughter in law to watch a love story burning into ashes. We talk about women empowerment, it doesn’t come from getting approvals from men, it happens when a woman helps another woman. Be that empowered woman, because you are ageing gracefully and gaining wisdom with every breath. Let the people remember you as the Queen of hearts, in good words and good prayers.

Do not ruin your marriage life fighting with your spouse so you don’t have to see your own children abusing their relationships. if you were/are a good wife, transfer your knowledge to your children and their children. Show them the value of relationships. Light up their lives, like they light up yours by being your bundles of joy! you owe it to them!


Your future daughter in law