DIY – Easy Vintage Wall Decor

(Alert: some super duper easy peasy vintage wall decor! )I love my apartment, all of it. But there’s one wall I absolutely adore. When you open the door of my apartment it’s going to be the first wall you see. Lately I have been thinking to decorate it. I thought about covering it up with mirrors to give my cute apartment a little spacious appeal/ I thought about covering it up with frames/ I also thought of painting it. But eventually I had this amazing idea to give it a vintage look! For so many years, I have been meaning to try it. Well, today was the day!

As you all know that my in laws came to visit us from Pakistan last month! So, I requested them to bring all my books
Few days ago I sat down and decided which one I could sacrifice for the wall. It was a tough decision as I love my books, even if there are books which bore me to hell and I give up reading them. I still keep them with me. Because “Mariyah doesn’t throw books! Just like Joey doesn’t share food!

But I had to pick the one:
1. That had yellowish pages/ perfect vintage look
2. Some decorative pattern
3. Lots of pages that can cover the entire wall
I chose bridesmaids! If anyone wants to read it, you can come over! It’s all over the wall.
See, In the beginning of every chapter it has this cute wedding bells sort of pattern/ could be jingle bells too!

Here’s how I did it:
1. ?things you need:
* Same sized pages
* A wide paint brush
* Paper cutter
* Wall paper adhesive
2. ?Process :
Remove all the pages from the novel. Don’t use paper cutter or scissors! Remove them by force. They will fall out easily. Just make sure not to apply too much force that could tear them.

Now it’s time to Prepare the wall paper paste. The glue I used needed to be mixed with water and diluted before use. It took it some good half n hour to settle before I could use it. I used Adhesil Wallpaper adhesive powder and mixed half of the contents with 3ltrs of water. I let it stay for half n hours while stirring a little every ten mins. After 30mins I mixed this other wall paper glue in it and let it stay for another half ten mins. It was as good to go! (Going and getting this wall paper adhesive is another story, I’ll share soon 😉 )

Then, I started applying glue on the bottom of the wall. It was the best decision to start from the bottom! Why? It saved me from muscle pain in my arms. Because the first few lines took me a lot of time. One I got the hang of it, the rest of the wall was like a dream !
Initially, I was making sure the lines are straight as I don’t trust the engineer who measured the wall before it was built so I had to make sure the wall wasn’t leaning towards one end! ?

While pasting the pages, I noticed the pages were shrinking and lines were appearing so it took me a lot of time, pasting and removing and repeating to make sure there were no bubbles or creases but it was still there!
As, I moved to the next line and the next -next line, I noticed the previous lines looked perfect! The creases were gone. Phew!
I applied glue and pasted and applied glue and pasted more and more until the wall was all covered in bridesmaids!

I had to use another book, as the bridesmaid refused to cover the whole wall. I ran out of pages. So I asked “stolen” to jump in and rescue me from that disastrous situation! The top two lines are stolen. I was having a paranoia doing it, I thought it would look so bad and different. Any on could tell the difference but when I completed it, even I couldn’t tell any difference. Did you notice the difference ? If yes, write in comments. If no, high-five ??

So, now I’m sitting right here and watching my wall glowing in the low ?
P.S this wall decor isn’t complete. I’ll be covering the whole wall with a few interesting things soon. Any guess what is the purpose of this wall ? Write to me!

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Till next time,