Geometric Wall Paint DIY

Hello folks, how many of you have ever painted your own wall at home ? I have painted lots of canvases but the thought of painting a whole wall with a toddler seems super difficult. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do it(uh) But here, let me show you what my gorgeous sister in law did to her wall! I’m still in awe. Tadaaa!

My sister in law M recently moved to a new place in Seattle and she’s been spending her days and nights renovating it completely. This wall is among my favorites. Here’s a before picture of this wall. It had some textured paint and M wanted it to be smooth and glossy. She also wanted a paint that makes the white deer head stands out. She started searching for wall papers to cover the wall totally. She couldn’t find any with black and gold so she created this one.
I’ll break all the process in steps for you guys to follow easily.

Process : DIY Geometric Wall Paint
M wanted the wall black with gold geometric pattern but before she moved on to painting the entire wall black she had to paint the wall in sand color.

Then, she painted the entire wall black. She needed some dark color so her deer head stands out. Black is definitely the perfect choice as it looks great with golden too. She used BERR full gloss finish black paint. The wall still looked a bit too blank.

So she went for a geometric pattern in the wall. She measured the wall and and did all the calculations about the space she would leave, sizes of each line and stuff that goes on the wall etc to make sure everything looks great on the wall.

She opted for a geometric pattern. Lots of lines and definitely lots of measurements. She’s good at maths and now I can really see it on her wall (lol).

She used a gold paint marker to draw the geometric pattern. Here’s a picture of her measuring and drawing ! I’m so happy she let me upload her pictures. (Notice that long wooden scale in her hands)

It took her some good 6 hours to paint the wall and draw the pattern. (Hell, yeah)

She ordered the table from WayFair which arrived the next day.

Her loving room is grey and turquoise so she put turquoise candle stick holders on both sides of the console table to balance the colors.

The final result is sooo beautiful, I swear it actually makes me want to paint something too ! (Super motivating) But, I’m gonna have to pass this urge at the moment until the finish the DIY projects I have already lined up in my schedule. ? Don’t forget to share your work with me!

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Till next time,

Here are the links of things she placed on this space:

  1. Deer head: Zgallerie
  2. Paints: BEHR Paints
  3. Rossington Rectangular console table: Wayfair
  4. candle stick holders: Homegoods