Inglot Tinted Cream- Review

If you are looking for a very subtle and soft dewy finish makeup look for a day event, Inglot has you covered. With their tinted cream you can easily slay!

It instantly moisturizes the skin and gives a glow and evens the skin tone. It’s the best thing I laid my hands on recently. Why ? Because I needed something less than a foundation and more than a moisturizer. And voila! Inglot impressed me with their quality of product. It stayed on my face all day long and I felt like I didn’t apply anything at all.

Next time you go to Sahara centre Sharjah or any other mall where you find Inglot, do stop by! You can even book your appointment with their makeup experts to see what suits you best.


Though my experience with their usual sales lady was amazing! I usually hate to be beguiled by sales personnel and like to take my decisions myself. But when she applied all the products on my face, I totally fell in love with them. She seemed to be a makeup savvy, the strokes of the brush were very perfect and smooth. When she was done, I couldn’t stop myself from buying everything she applied on me.

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