My Latest Ikea Haul

These days Taimoors parents are here to see us so we have been on a fun filled rollercoaster! Those of you who live in UAE must know that these are the only months when you can enjoy some outdoor activities so we also tried to benefit from their visit.
Dubai is crazy these days, it’s always crazy but the much hyped DSF gathers people from all across the globe. The sale mania gets on nerves when you have to spend hours in traffic!But nevertheless, no pain no gain truly applies here! As always we went to Ikea since it’s everybody’s super favorite place to shop.

This is the real image of me shopping in Ikea ! I wonder who captured this ! ?

And yes, the part sale was amazing! Decor to upholstery to furniture and plants everything had something in deals to offer. So I also treated myself with a bookcase and an organizer chalk board and a few frames a lot of little things! Here’s the what I loved and what I bought because of course I didn’t buy everything I loved, I couldn’t … it gets out of my range. Such as these shelves for my restroom ? I’m in love with them but I need to wait for some time to get my hands on them !

And oh, look at this gorgeous wine glass holding unit. I really need one for my kitchen! But we’ll, wait my love, you have to wait! ??

Anyway, I needed a bookcase since all the book cases in apartment actually belong to baby A who is as much crazy about books as his mama. When Taimoor asked me if I needed a bookcase, that was on deal for around 85dhs, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I even started thinking where I would put it. So well, this is how I got my very own bookcase.

I saw this gorgeous black chalkboard organizer and then suddenly I needed it too. ? the board is big and beautiful! Since I love chalkboards so it’s my super fav thing. It has separate space for all days of the week where you can pen down important tasks, a separate box for telephone numbers or messages/ another one for general notes or grocery items or stuff that needs constant reminder.

The third thing is two black frames for our living room. We have yet to hang them and even decide the place but most probably they will be hung on both sides of our tv. There’s a lot of space around our tv that needs to be filled and hopefully the frames will be used on that space.

There were so many things that I loved but couldn’t buy due to the socio-economic pressure (if you know what I mean ?).
Ikea sure has some gorgeous candles and the moment i enter the candles area, the freshness and fragrance of candles blow me out of my mind! It feels so peaceful that I can spend all my day there. Someday I’ll have lots of these frangrant candles in my apartment, that day would be the day I go shopping without T ?

But well I didn’t buy any candle ! Better luck next time lol.

These are the few things I marked as “I’ll try to buy them soon”

My father in law bought these gorgeous lamps :

Wait for my next post when I’ll upload the picture of all these items assembled in my apartment, InshaAllah!