The Best Top 5 Netflix Series!

Hello to all the people who love Netflix,  how do you spend the day at home when all your dishes are done, laundry basket is empty, Husband and kids slept, and you are too lazy to move and not sleepy at all! Here’s what I do! Become a couch potato! Trust me, sometimes it’s good to relax your muscles and mind. It’s good to forget about everything around you and let your mind and heart wander in a different world !

Whenever I find time, I binge watch Netflix. Well, it happens rarely these days but when It does, I feel so much better ! It’s definitely better to binge watch then binge eat.
Here’s the list of my five fav shows on Netflix that I can watch all day long (if life gives me a chance. Lol)

1. Crown: The real life story of young Queen Elizabeth who is handed over the crown after Sudden death of her father. She was absolutely unprepared and so was her husband. She runs the Britain while struggling with her personal issues. It’s powerful and makes one see the ugly sides of being a Monarch.

We have all fancied being princesses in our childhood! Watch crown and you will see that everything comes with a price and sometimes the price is sabotaging emotions and sacrificing relationships! Oh well and it will remind you again that money can’t buy you happiness. watch it here.

2. Reign: the story of Queen Mary of Scotland who is engaged to a Prince of England as a part of an alliance. The life of the young Queen moves around the prophecy of Nostradamus who believes the the marriage with result in the death of the prince. Several twist and turns appear, a lot of extra marital affairs, ugly sides of monarch, cults and Protestant-catholic riots and the worst thing plague!

It’s gripping ! Add this into your bucket list it’s a must watch. I especially love the character of Bash, the bastard son of the king! Watch it here.

3. Friends: I’m so addicted to friends and so is my husband. We were super excited when Netflix added this series in its list. We still laugh at the same jokes even after watching friends for thousand times ! It’s beautiful, funny and absolutely lovely! When you watch it, tell me if you have Unaagi or not ! Today while watching it again, I realized that it portrays powerful women, who are not scared to say no!

No one is scared of saying the truth! I am pretty sure most of you must have seen it but next time when you watch it, notice this too. They fight, argue and resolve their issues , they talk everything out. They still love eachother! Watch it here.

4. Gossip girl: oh the perfect blend of glamour, scandles and beauty! Gossips girl shows that there is a very very thin line between love and hate and that thin line could be a designer scarf! I admire this series cuz it takes me to the world I always fancied, glamorous world. ? I never liked Blair Waldorf in the beginning but as I realized she was a strong women she slowly grew on me!

Serena started acting a little weird in later season as she started yearning for attention. And oh man, do you guys know who is the real gossip girl ?? ? of course I’m not telling you this! But you will be stunned when you find this out. Watch it here.

5. Cable girls: I’m in love with the gorgeous hats and the old fashioned decor, winged eye liners and oh the cars. Cable girls is all about the era women were struggling to be heard! A story that revolves around women who try to build their lives in a world that lacks laws supporting women, lots of family pressure, and social taboos.

I’m glued to it these days and I hardly find time to watch it daily but it’s on my mind all day long ! It’s actually in Spanish but comes with English subtitles so it shouldn’t be any issue! Trust me, I love it so much that the language barrier doesn’t bother me ! Watch it here.
If you have already watched any of these series on Netflix earlier, let me know how you found it !

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Till then,