My Pirate Themed Party Prep

My baby A turned two this month and I have been over the moon! it’s hard to pen my feelings watching my little one growing up and reaching all his milestones slowly.  Just a few days before his big day, I started crafting some small pirate themed props. I always loved watching Pirates of Caribbean and i even wanted my son and Taimoor to look like Jack Sparrow! crazy huh! but since A is only two, i made sure that props were cute and not too pirate-ish. .

Here i’m going to show you how i did all that. Though i don’t have quite many pictures from party to show you guys, i definitely have pictures of the props. All these items are still lying around in my apartments.

Photobooth: I love photobooth! It gives a very pretty look to the entire event. It links the events with the theme, even when you are not dressed up properly. For A’s birthday, I created a simple booth made of black packing material board and decorated it with the famous pirate phrase ‘Ahoy!’ I cut the letters without any stencil as it wasn’t too difficult and I used red chart paper for that. I made a boat too that i pasted on a corner. It was a bit time consuming but fun.

Pirate’s ship: I really really wanted to make this big ship for A’s birthday so he would stand behind it for pictures. But honestly when his friends arrived, it was so hard to get a hold of him.  Nevertheless, this ship looked amazing at the entrance as it was the first thing people saw while entering the house. I was drooling  over it all this time. 😀      

Cupcake toppers: I created these cuties for cupcakes, mini burgers and chocolate croissants that i served on the menu. it was super hard to make the first crab but rest of them were easier. I am very mediocre at cutting, i admit and even if you guys aren’t too perfect at it it’s okay! Things look great when they come together. so,im glad i did an effort. (cheesy smile)

Paper lanterns: Just a day before the big day, I suddenly realized that i had no paper lanterns! So, I took my best friend to Safeer Mall in Sharjah to buy some Chinese lanterns. There’s a really cute Japanese store in safeer mall called ‘Daiso’ (read: Die-zo). It has gorgeous Japanese decor items, household things, cutlery, birthday props, plants, costumes and so much more! We went absolutely crazy there. So i bought the lanterns and pasted pictures of pirates ship and anchors on it. I also bought a lot more things absolutely unrelated to birthday and we even did some dress shopping! (I can be quite a shopaholic at times)

Pirate hats: My best friend Sonya gave me a gorgeous pirate hat for A’s birthday and we used it but i made many more paper hats too for all the guests. I googled the hat cutouts, followed the design and joined the edges with elastic bands. Then I pasted skull cutouts on the front of the hats. Trust me, the hats looks super cute!

Lighthouses: pirate themed parties incomplete without lighthouses so i made a few lighthouses too with foamy sheets and normal chart papers. I wanted to make a big lighthouse to decorate the entrance but i didn’t have a lot of time for that. We had just moved to a new apartment a week before the birthday so the whole last month was spend, packing – moving and then un-packing! Besides, i can only work at night after my little monster goes to sleep. (dilemma of every mom of a toddler)

Printed pirate quotes: lastly, i requested my beloved husband to print out some cute pirate quotes and boards. I pasted these printed quotes all over the apartment walls.

We ordered the cakes from Charlotte Sweets and absolutely loved them! Such moist and gorgeous pieces of art.


For food items, i made my favourite creamy dessert. you can read the recipe here.

Together, all these things looked absolutely amazing! i know i did a good job (can’t help being a narcissist) 😀

Till next time, be yourself!