My Scrumptious Dahi Ballay Recipe

So, everyone’s been asking me the Dahi ballay recipe! (i’m sorry I don’t have pictures of the process at the moment but i will soon cook them live on my instagram). So let me tell you something, I have been a huge Masala Tv fan back in university time. There was a time when I would watch Masala tv all the day ! No kidding. And that’s when Shireen Aapa taught me this dahi ballay recipe and I have been making this and impressing people ever since. Now that I’m married and living abroad, my mom still calls and tell me how much she misses my dahi ballay.
So, guys this isn’t just some dahi ballay recipe! This is your ultimate relationship fixer, your burnol, your tootay huy dil ka madawa and your burhapay ka sahara! (Sometimes my Urdu amazes me!)

To begin with, you need the following ingredients:
Ballay Mix:
1. Maash lentil (daal) 1/2cup
2. baking soda 1pinch
3. salt 1 pinch
4. almonds 5-6
Soak the lentil in water for two, three hours or over night. Blend it with little water, add almonds and blend again until smooth. Now add salt and soda and blend again or mix.
In a frying pan, fry oil until it’s hot. pour the ballay mixture with spoon.
Fry them on medium heat, they will cook beautifully. Turn only when the lower side is hard. Don’t turn the ballas again and again. When both sides are golden, take them out. Put them in a bowl of water and let them soak until they are soft. This should take twenty minutes.

Yoghurt Mix:
1. yoghurt 1kg
2. sugar 2tbsp heaped
3. zeera powder 1/2tsp
4. poatatoes boiled and slices 2
5. onions sliced 1
6. tomatoes sliced 1
7. Salt 1tsp
8. chick peas boiled 1cup
9. chaat Masala as required
In the serving dish, beat yoghurt until smooth. Add sugar and salt. Add zeera powder and chaat Masala and taste. If you need more, add. Put vegetables and chick peas.
Dry excess water from your dahi ballay very carefully by placing them between your palm and pressing them slowly, and now place them in the yoghurt mix.
1. imli (one pack)
2. dates 5-6
3. brown sugar 2tbsp
4. salt 1/2tsp
5. red chilli flakes 1/2tsp

Boil imli and dates in lots of water. Add some salt and red chilli flakes according to the taste. When Imli and dates become soft, use a spatula and crush them. Mixture will start to thicken, add some brown sugar. And let it cook on low flame for some ten mins. Remove from heat when you get the required consistency, sift to remove the seeds.
Pour this chutney on your dahi ballay and enjoy. I sometimes mix the chutney while making yogurt mix. It adds the flavor in youghut. But you will anyways mix it later before eating so it’s up to you when you add chutney. Sprinkle some more chaat Masala and garnish with coriender, or fried papri.
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Good lucks Girls!! More sugharpan to us 😀