Breastfeeding Made Easy!



Breastfeeding is a very important part of a woman’s life if she’s willing to do it. As the times are changing and more and more women are focusing on their careers, breastfeeding is becoming a dying trend. We understand, of course that it is very difficult to feed the baby while you are at work. But if you are up for it we present you our super easy and detailed guide to breastfeed your little one.
Not to mention that the process is as important for your baby as it is for you due to its health benefits. But one thing you would keep hearing is that your comfort is more important than anything!

Nursing Bras

While shopping for your upcoming baby, make sure you buy nursing bras for yourself. Get rid of the others as soon as you can and focus on your comfort. You can get nursing bras from Aliexpress for cheaper rates, just make sure it’s the right size. They deliver anywhere in the world.

Breast pads

For beginners, these pads are heaven! When a mother starts breastfeeding, it takes time for her system to sync with the baby’s hunger. And actually it takes more time if the baby is drinking bottle too. The breast leak is a usual phenomenon. Nothing to be embarrassed about it, but by placing the pads inside your bra, it can make you feel at ease.

Maternity/ Nursing clothes

I never realized what a blessing those loose maternity dresses were until I started breastfeeding. My whole world was going upside down. The clothes I enjoyed till nine months of my pregnancy started eating me. I didn’t get myself any maternity dresses as they always seemed useless to me so I had to spend my days and nights in my PJs. Of course I remember people mocking me for wearing such clothes but they didn’t know the amount of pain I felt when a synthetic fabric touched my postnatal body. You will find nursing clothes in the malls too, they are very comfortable for feeding in public. So once you decide, keep a stock of these cotton beauties and thank me later!

Breast pump

If you are a working mother or you live in a joint family and it’s difficult to feed the baby all the time, you might wanna try a breast pump! It’s better to use it rather than putting your baby on a formula milk. Manual pumps are totally useless so if you really want to buy, go for an electric one and read reviews before deciding the brand. Tommee Tippee has one of the best ones! 😉

Calming a wailing baby

What I learned in my early days of motherhood was that if your child cries and is not entertained by your face, talks or anything, he’s hungry! Don’t let other people create a panic around you when a baby cries. Get into your room, close the door and feed the baby. The first thing you should do if your child cries is just latch him on in a peaceful room. Breastfeeding doesn’t only satisfy your child’s hunger but his needs to get closer to his mom. Your milk relaxes your baby, calms him down and makes you fall in love with him over and over again! Thanks to oxytocin! You will notice that every time you start to nurse your baby, you feel drowsiness. It’s nature’s way of rewarding you for your efforts and love. Don’t be afraid to fall asleep, these catnaps are the best part of your life.

Bid adieu to useless myths

It’s about time, your baby is here and you have to start to feed him. Your neighbors, friends, aunts and relatives are very excited and will overdose you with suggestions! Do not act on any of them unless and until you ask your doctor! if you are a naive girl, you will believe them but only with a passage of time would you realize that only 5% of them actually breastfed their kids and even lesser raised their kids themselves while all the others left them at the mercy of their beloved nannies, servants or even grandparents. And well, you might wanna have a look at how their kids turned out and warn yourself not to do the mistakes they did. Don’t make your life difficult by trying to follow all the do’s and don’ts you were bulldozed with.  Your doctor is the only person you can trust. And if he’s a certified pediatrician, he will always tell you to follow your heart, and do what you are comfortable with! Because it’s really not important if you potty trained your child in his first year, or you did all the laundry, dish washing and cleaning without any help. What matters most is you raised a child who is emotionally stable and happy, and enjoys peace! Whatever position you choose to feed him in, make sure his hands are free and he can easily move. You don’t need to stay up and keep your eyes open while feeding him, and learn to feed while lying down as soon as you can so that you and he can both get a comfortable nap. In first world countries with better health sectors, the midwives and doctors will guide you through all this.

Feed in a quiet room

Breastfeeding gives you a perfect mama-baby moment and if your husband is there too it can be a perfect family time. During the early days of breastfeeding, I faced an issue of decrease in breast milk and my doctor asked me to feed the baby alone in a room without any noise and keep my focus on the baby. He also told me I should relax. And well, it worked wonders! I started noticing my son’s face, we started talking. The best time of my day was when I would catch my little one staring at my face and smiling. The little pumpkin would light up my whole world with his smile! That was the moment I shared my feelings with him and he got to know me. And the more he felt relaxed the more milk my body produced. It is very difficult to focus on your child when there’s someone telling you that you need to pick something from the table, or do some laundry or  you need to put your shoes on their right place. Don’t let anyone yell while your child is being fed. Don’t let anyone keep you busy in useless discussions. Everything else comes secondary.

Don’t let your child get used to sleeping on your arm

Have you ever wondered why our fore-mothers never sat all the night to feed us. It’s a natural process and it’s better to either consult a doctor or someone who has actually fed the baby for two years at day and at night. Please don’t ask a skin specialist about your child’s eating habits. Feeding baby while lying down is a totally normal and healthy process and should be started as soon as possible. It has many benefits and one of them is that it will make your child sleep faster, it will make you comfortable, your baby will understand that it’s time for bed and will be more active after spending a cozy night’s sleep. Having your child on your arms whole night is not good for your muscles and not for the baby as well. And do I need to mention that your back needs rest too, it has already been through a lot during childbirth, lie down and enjoy your blessed motherhood.

Give your body more liquids

Treat yourself with more juices especially pineapple juice. Pineapple contains inflammatory properties and several health benefits for you and your little one. When going to feed the baby, take a glass full of water or at least half. The early phase of breastfeeding can cause sudden dehydration so keep a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

The bracelet tip

It’s highly important to give equal chances to both of your breasts to empty themselves. If you fed the baby from right side first, do it from the left next time! I know its hard to remember which side you used so I have an amazing tip. Wear a bracelet that can easily come out and keep shifting it from left hand to right hand with each shift of breast during the day. A ring can work too. As your baby grows up you will be less likely to forget the sides.

Remember, breastfeeding is an amazing thing! Its a blessing only a few women can enjoy. If you are amongst them, enjoy it! Take it as fun not as a duty. Don’t keep thinking about the dirty dishes that need washing while your baby is latched on! Think of all the good times you and your partner spent. Enjoy noticing those tiny hands and feet and sit close to your partner so he can also enjoy the moment.