Super Easy Fridge Decor!

Hello peeps, I have been working on my fridge lately and I think I should show off a little since I’m totally drooling over my own work! (Narcissism alert)
Actually it’s a story of my beloved fridge which I really hated btw. But now it’s one of my favorite things at home. How? Because I revamped it with some tape ?

UAE gave me a lot of things and i might be indebted for all of them except for the fridge you can see in the picture below. I always liked silver grey equipment but the combo of grey and off white was an eye sore!

So one day my best friend told me she was planning to decorate her fridge which was also off white and bigger than mine though. So I started searching for ideas too but I wasn’t too serious about it until we moved to our new apartment and bought a new Black and white cooking range. The black and white colour was so beautiful that suddenly I wanted everything black and white around me. I started searching for black and white tapes. Asked my friend where she got hers from, she was still in the middle of it since she had to go to Pakistan for quite sometime. One day I went to a gift market in Sharjah and found a black PVC tape (phew!).

They didn’t have white and I couldn’t find a white PVC tape anywhere. I was a little disheartened but I was impatient too so I tried this black tape on the fridge along with a white tape I found at home to see how it would look and it was dope! Except that the white tape I used didn’t look good at all.

I just kept using the black tape on it all over the fridge leaving some space in between for the grey to show. Since I didn’t have white tape to cover it completely, It was a little difficult at first managing equal distance between lines. The upper part of my fridge was easy as i was comfortable standing up and taping it. The lower one was tricky, i neeeded to sit and tape and it looked fine while I was watching it closely but when I moved away the lines looked curvy and not straight. So, I had to remove some and redo. But the end result was so satisfying!



Here’s how I did it and how you can do it too!
Things required:
1. black tape (pvc or fabric or masking)
2. White tape (if you don’t have a grey fridge and if you don’t like the surface showing at all)
3. Scissors
4. Common pin
5. Patience ( yes, my dear)
6. A fridge( of course)
Time : two hours max
Level of difficulty: super duper easy!


Step 1:

Finish everything else you were supposed to do such a washing dishes etc. don’t start if you will need to leave in a middle. It will take you just an hour to tape and later you can work on the bubbles whenever you find one !

Step 2: start from corners:

I started applying black tape from upper corner. I was using only one tape and I needed all my corners covered. That upper corner helped me decide how diagonal i wanted my lines to be . For the start I even used a white tape I found at home. But the white tape wasn’t covering the grey properly. It was too opaque. So I removed it and used the black tape only. Keep the tape loose on edges so you can have enough tape in case you need to redo a line.

Tip: do not make the edges of lines until and unless you are done taping the entire fridge. Keep the tape loose on both ends.
Step 3: watch from a distance:
This is a very important step. While working we usually focus on closer view and it doesn’t tell us how it would look from a distance . So move away and watch your fridge. You will be able to see if the lines are straight and at an equal distance. If there’s any mistake, just remove the tape slowly and apply again.
Tip: do not stretch the tape while applying,otherwise you won’t get a straight line. The tape keeps losing its shape if you stretch, so be careful.
Step 4: burst the bubbles:
Bubbles are inevitable! They will be very visible. In my case, the bubbles were small so I just took a common pin and burst them all.
Tip: I used my carrefour card to flatten the corners and to remove the bubbles while applying the tape. It helped me get a neat look on the corners since there was a little too much design on corners of my fridge. You can use any credit/debit card or anything hard and flat enough.
Step 5: cut the corners:
Once you are done with taping and removing the bubbles. The lines are straight, bubbles are removed and edges are fine so now you can cut those extra pieces from both ends: I used normal paper cutter to cut the extra tape.
Step 6: Make yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the sight!

Easy, isn’t it? I’m not too fond of doing things that I think i won’t be able to finish the same day as I have a small baby in the house who keeps messing up with my things. But trust me this one was the simplest things I have done. I didn’t need anything big or noisy, I turned on the TV and made my little one watch some baby sharks while I made this burqa for my fridge. It didn’t take more than an hour to tape and re-tape and make the edges. Might take longer for someone who doesn’t have a baby though. We, mothers, are always in a hurry!
Well, this is my journey of revamping my fridge. I hope you all try it too. It’s very easy and looks super sexy ! If you want to see my other DIY (puhleeezz do) check the DIY section on my blog.

heres the before picture !

The after picture!

Resources: Black tape from gift market Sharjah
Patience: God-gifted (don’t jealous!)
Till next time,