Creamy Pineapple/Strawbery Delight – My Quick Whip Recipe

I’m a kind of a person who likes to have something sweet in my fridge all the time to satisfy my sudden sweet cravings. And this recipe of pineapple delight  is one of my most favourite recipes that has been transferred to me by my mom. 


Trust me, pineapple delight is my go-to dessert for almost every other dinner I host.
So today I’m requesting all of you to please take out sometime and devout this heaven! It takes less than five minute to prepare it but needs a few hours in refrigerator to settle before you serve. Overnight would be amazing! So if you don’t like standing in the kitchen and cooking for guests, watch this space for my instant recipes to impress your guests and save yourself time for manicures and pedicures. ?
I’ll break down the entire process of pineapple delight in a few steps to make it easier to follow.

pineapple delight recipe - condense milk
Time: 5mins
Refrigeration time: at least 4hours or overnight
1. Condense milk
2. Cream
3. Pineapple tin
4. Digestive biscuits

pineapple delight recipe - condense milk and cream mix

1. Take a bowl and mix one jar of condense milk and two jars of creams. You can taste and decide if you like to reduce the sweetness by adding another pack of fresh cream. But I like it sweeter so I’ll use two packs. Use a whisk to avoid Lumps.
2. Line a rectangular dish with digestive biscuits and pour some milk over them, (just enough to cover them but not drown them). It’s will soften the biscuits and you won’t feel chunks in your mouth while eating. The taste of biscuits mixes well with the above mentioned cream mixture and becomes thick and creamy. And it’s literally heaven. I use Marie biscuits mostly but any brand of digestive biscuits would do.

pineapple delight recipe - marie biscuits
3. Now pour half of the condense milk and cream mixture over it slowly. It should look like layer.
4. Empty the pineapple tin over the mixture. Keep the pineapple syrup aside and use the pieces. Make sure the pieces are smaller, you can cut and make them smaller in size. If you don’t have pineapple or don’t want to use it, you may use Strawberries. They taste wonderful too. It’s all about trying something new.

Pineapple delight recipe -cream

5. Now add the leftover cream mix on it. viola!  Your pineapple delight is ready but its better to refrigerate and let it settle for a couple of hours.

6. Pop it in the fridge for overnight or at least 4hours.
7. Now is the most difficult step, i.e. wait! Wait until the pineapple delight settles in refrigerator. Go get some beauty sleep or swing by your nearest salon for a nice manicure and if you still have time, watch episodes of Sex and the City or Drop dead Diva or whatever you like!
8. Here’s my favorite step… Dig in!!  You may sprinkle some chocolate shavings on it to make it look prettier. Be creative!